WISP delivers reliable, painless, tailor-made internet and telecommunications solutions that can save you up to 75%.

What can we offer?

Running a business can be tough work. Imagine if ensuring your internet connection and speed was not!  At WISP, we have independently built networks to ensure fast and reliable connection for our business customers across Southern Ontario. 

Large corporations and small businesses alike will benefit from WISP’s fast speeds, quick installs and reliable service to ensure a stable and effective working environment to left your business thrive. 


There is so much more WISP can offer for your business besides internet. Additional support for your business can be bundled together with your internet package. These support services include cyber security, managed IT services, IT support services, voice solutions and managed Wi-Fi.

Cyber Security

Ensure your business has every safety and precaution applied to protect yours, and your customers, data.

IT Support

Dedicated IT support team and plans supported by enterprise level SLAs.

Managed Wi-Fi

Enabling support when you need it most.

Voice services

Engage more personally with your customers with voice services.

To facilitate a strong and growing business, your internet connection should be the same. To give your business the best chance possible, enquire about our business plans today. 

We're fast

Speeds that leave competitors far behind.

Quick install

Ready to have you up and running within 30 days.

We're reliable

WISP's business network ensures 99% uptime.


Our team are ready to help you with any concerns.

Limitless Data

24x7 Unlimited data at your disposal.

Flexible Contracts

Choose from 12, 24, 36 & 48 month contracts.


Using our own network, service goes straight from us to you.

4G Backup

Should your main service go down, we've got you covered.

Let’s Chat

We want to help you get started and be on your way to a worry free business internet connection as soon as possible.