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All your favourite channels for just $44.95/month* with WISP TV.

Sick of not getting affordable satellite TV in the country, or of being charged a fortune by your cable provider for the channels you want?

The simplicity of WISP Internet TV is here! 40 of your favourite channels for just $44.95/month*, with no lock-in contracts, delivered through the WISP network.

That’s it.

WISP TV Basic Package

$44.95/month, 40 channels, connect up to 5 TVs

Get: APTN, ABC, Bravo, CBC Local, CBC News, Chex Local, City TV, CMT, CTV-1, CBS, CNN, CPAC, Discovery, Dtour, Disney Jr, Family, Food, Global East, HGTV, History, Lifetime, Much Music, Nat Geo, NBC, OLN, Peach, PBS, Sportsnet Ontario 1, Slice, Space, TSN1, The CW, The Learning Channel, The Weather Network, Teletoon, Treehouse, West CBC, West CTV, West NBC, West CBS

WISP TV Movie Pack


add: HBO (1&2) & TMN (The Movie Network) 1&5


What do I need to have installed?

  • You will need a Set Top Box for each TV in your house that you wish to connect. Set Top Boxes should be hardwired into your home network for optimum performance.

Do I need a Smart TV?

  • No, the Set Top Box connects to your TV via the HDMI connection.

How much does installation cost?

  • Set Top Boxes cost $150 each, you can then choose to have them installed by us or to have them shipped should you like to install them yourself. Professional installations by our team cost $75/hr (1hr minimum) and $0.25 per ft of wire required, upgrades to your home network are not included but can be quoted ahead of time should you be interested. If you’re choosing DIY installation, there is a $50 delivery fee for your Set Top Boxes regardless of how many you purchase.

How long will installation take?

  • Installation times will vary greatly depending on your home, how many TVs you have and your existing home network. Someone with one router and one TV will take significantly less time than a house with 5 TVs and a complex home network (multiple routers, switches etc).

What internet package do I need to run WISP TV?

  • 1 connected television: WISP Standard
  • 2 connected televisions: WISP Turbo
  • 3 connected televisions: WISP Express
  • 4 or more connected televisions: WISP Flash

Is there a maximum number of TVs I can have running on one package?

  • Yes, a maximum of 5 TVs can run on each package, should you have more than 5 TVs another package will need to be purchased each month.


*WISP TV is not yet available on the entire WISP Network, contact us today to see if you qualify for this pre-release!



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