Various Ways to Use WiFi Around Your Home - Wisp Internet Services

Most people see WiFi as just a convenient way to get rid of all the cables laying around the house as they connect their laptop and phone to the net. But there are so many more interesting ways you can use your WiFi to turn your home into a smart home. Almost every new gadget that comes out has an online feature and you really should take full advantage of that. This article will cover some of the ways you can make your life easier and safer by hooking up your household appliances to the web.

Home Security System

Security cameras and motion sensors are no longer very expensive and you can probably afford to cover your doors and windows with sensors and cameras that react to movement. You should also cover your home interior, like the places where you keep your valuables. Most criminals will run if they hear an alarm going off and you will be able to track what is going on in real-time over your phone.

Smart Temperature Control

Smart thermostats not only track the temperature in the house, but they also track where you are in your home, and as such, they are able to better regulate the temperature. That means that your electricity bill will be lower since there is no reason to heat up or cool down unoccupied rooms.

Whole Home Networking

Having just one router might not be an ideal solution, especially if you have a large house. The network might slow down in some places or the signal may go out altogether. That happens because there are obstacles in your home that prevent the WiFi signal from going through. To prevent that, you could get a second router or a WiFi repeater. You could also get the UniFi app if you want a system tailored to your home. That way, you will have a constant signal. UniFi Solutions, unlike routers, are designed to communicate with each other creating a scalable wi-fi network. Since UniFi systems are designed specifically for your home the price will vary. You should talk to our sales agent if you want to find out more about fitting them snuggly in your home. This way, your phone’s internet will function constantly at a maximum speed no matter where you are in your home.

Home Automation

The first thing that comes to mind with automation is convenience. If you hook up all your smart items, you can do some interesting things. Lights could turn on and off as you walk in and out of a room. You could also connect your smart doorbell to a smart camera so you can see who is ringing at your door. That is especially useful when you are away from home. A lot of burglars will check if the house is empty before entering by ringing at the door. Hearing your answer on an intercom is usually enough to dissuade them from breaking in. Home automation might help the elderly and sick with their conditions since they could be connected to emergency services and give alerts when things go wrong.

Turn Your Phone Into a Remote Control

There is no need to have 10 remotes lying around for all your different devices if you can turn your phone into a remote. Gmote is used for Android and there is a Remote app for iPhone. You can even connect all your computers to a single printer so you can print any document at the touch of a button.

Restock Your Food With A Smart Fridge

Some new fridges have the option to go online. You don’t even need to open the door of your fridge to see what is missing since you can see it all on the display. By using the large touchscreen integrated on the door, you can place your delivery order right away and have food delivered to your home. This way you will not forget to add items on the list and run short on that crucial ingredient for the big family meal. You can still use your smart fridge without the Internet, but its functionality is severely limited this way.

Forwarding Notifications From Your Phone To Your PC

If your phone is constantly connected to your charger while you are at home, you can set it to send the notifications to your PC. There is an added benefit here since you don’t need to strain your eyes on the small phone display case.



We have shown you several fun ways to make your home more connected. It is important to point out that you should password protect your WiFi signal. If you can log in to do things remotely, so can your neighbor and anyone else that wants to know what is going on inside your home. You do not want to see your personal data leaked, or see your home unlocked and burglarised when you return from the holiday. Our advice is to spend some time familiarizing yourself with all the security features of all the devices you have in your home. You will cover all the bases that way.