WISP Rural Internet Tower Lease Investment Program


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Our Series 1 Tower Lease Program is now closed, we thank everyone who has participated and helped us deliver broadband internet to their communities. We are now accepting applicants for our Series 2 Tower Lease Program.

Living and working in southern Ontario has taught us one thing about high-speed Internet service: Government, cable providers and the phone companies will never deliver the service that rural communities need.

Rural property owners must take matters into their own hands!

That’s why WISP Internet Service, Inc. — the locally-owned and operated wireless Internet company — has created a partner program that allows rural property owners to install a freestanding communication tower on their property with a unique lease- back arrangement that will deliver 15% annual return on investment.

We call it the WISP Broadband Superhero program, and it will provide $180,000 in income over 20 years. Plus, it includes free high-speed Internet (at the maximum speed available) for the entire length of the lease-back agreement — that alone has an added value of more than $25,000.

Best of all, property owners do not have to lift a finger because WISP does all the work. From engineering and permitting to site prep and installation, WISP handles everything. We even take care of maintenance and insurance!

You get high-speed Internet and a big financial benefit!

This rewarding partnership can bring high-speed wireless Internet to your property AND give you a continuing source of revenue for up to 20 years if your property is suitable for a tower installation.

It’s easy to learn more about this unique investment and development opportunity: just call 1-877-955-9477 and we’ll follow up to answer any questions.

The number of available partnership opportunities is limited, so please don’t wait too long to contact us!


How will you determine if my property is a good tower location?

We will use a combination of site visits and GPS mapping to determine if your property is a good location to extend our wireless coverage area. The primary factors are location and topography.

How much does it cost?

The purchase price for a WISP Tower Lease Package is $60,000 plus HST, and includes an 96-foot freestanding tower, and the necessary power backups. It is important to note that you will always receiving an annual return of 15% on your investment.

How will my investment pay off?

We will negotiate a lease-back agreement that provides you with an annual income over the course of the 20-year lease agreement. In addition, you will receive free high-speed Internet service for the entire term of the agreement (this alone is a value of more than $25,000).

What kind of tower is this? How big is it?

Unless the specific requirements of the site require otherwise, the WISP Tower Lease Program calls for the installation of a heavy duty 96- foot freestanding tower complete with 8 x 4 communication shed. The tower requires a 51⁄2 ft cubed concrete base while the shed requires
a 9 ft x 5 ft x 6 inch concrete pad. Overall the entire footprint for the WISP Tower Package is less than 225 square feet.

How fast will my Internet service be?

You will receive our fastest level of Internet service available throughout the life of the lease-back agreement. Currently, our fastest service offers download speeds of 12 Mbps and upload speeds of
4 Mbps.

Who owns the tower? Who is responsible for maintenance?

You will own the heavy-duty wireless tower. Under the terms of the lease agreement, WISP Internet Services will be responsible for any required maintenance and insurance.

Can a group of neighbors purchase a tower together?

Yes, however, the group must structure their ownership agreement in such a way that WISP can work with and pay a single property owner.



Install Cost

20 year value - lease payments

20 year value - internet services

Total Value

Total Net Return

(243% ROI OVER 20 YEARS)

Program availability is subject to change; may not be available in all locations. Actual terms may vary based on program selected.