Tom Connell of North Oshawa tells us why he became a WISP tower owner - Wisp Internet Services

At the heart of the Wisp network are our dedicated tower owners, who invest their own savings into providing a high-speed internet service for their local area. We call them our Broadband Superheroes, and for good reason. Their investment doesn’t just secure their own internet access, but access for their neighbours, too.

We sat down with Tom Connell of North Oshawa, and spoke to him about his motivations for installing a Wisp tower on his rural property.

‘I wanted to switch to Wisp, basically, just to get high-speed internet out here in the country. It’s always been a problem; my neighbours were complaining as well. Some were lucky to have high vantage points and they could get it (from other providers), but the rest of us could not.

‘It may be hard for people to realise that life without good internet, it’s harder than you think. It was a big strain out here in the country living that way, and that’s the reason I got into the tower lease. A lot of my neighbours are very happy that I’ve put up a tower, they watched it go up and then they immediately asked what I was up to, and I told them – we’re going to have internet!



‘They’re just happy that I put up my tower. When they say you’re a Wisp country internet superhero, I guess they were right.

 ‘I didn’t get into the lease holding for the financial benefit to begin with, I just wanted internet. Now, with my service, and with the financial benefits of the tower, I’m very happy with the tower. It’s turned out to be a very profitable investment’.