How To Stay Busy At Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak  & Support Small Businesses At The Same Time - Wisp Internet Services

The global health crisis we are facing right now has already brought a lot of changes. The real consequences will be revealed once this unpleasant situation is through. Financial projections are not optimistic at all. The global economy is and will be deeply affected. However we shouldn’t forget about the small businesses. 

That’s why we have prepared for you some suggestions for how to spend your days during the social distancing and at the same time support small businesses. 

Enroll in an Online Course

Now is the time to enroll in that online course you found a few months ago. Learn something new and improve your skills. It can be a new language, creative writing, or tango, whatever you want. 

At the moment, you have time and the possibility to use it wisely while supporting small businesses – a good deed, indeed.

Play Different Types of Games

The lockdown has one good side – we get to spend more time with the ones we love. So, go to your local game shop and buy board or card games to keep you entertained. 

On the other hand, some other games such as Sudoku or puzzles are very good for brain stimulation and will keep you busy for a long time. No need to say that these types of games can also be found in your local game shop.


Read Books

Find your neverending to-read list and start crossing one by one book out of it. Now you get the chance to pay attention to all these books you’ve wanted to read but you didn’t have time. Treat yourself with a pile of books and lose yourself in the magical universe of imaginary. 

If your local bookshops aren’t closed, visit them or buy online. 


Support Local Artists

During these challenging times, we can see the importance of art and independent artists. Can you imagine your day without reading something, listening to music or watching a movie or TV show? 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the artists had to postpone their projects until further notice. Without society, their works are nonexistent. Therefore, it’s important to show right now that we didn’t forget them. In fact, we mustn’t forget them. 

Support them by simply buying their merchandise or ordering a piece of work for them. Musicians usually stream their sessions and you can watch them on different social media networks. Support them with donations, show that you appreciate their work, but above all, that you just want to help another human being. 


Buy from Local Grocery Shops

We’ve all seen chaotic videos from large chain store supermarkets where people are buying tons of stuff in panic. What’s more, it’s recommended to avoid places where a lot of people circulated in a short period.  

Because of all these reasons, go to your local shop. It’s nearer and you’ll get to support a small business. 

As you can see, our behavior has an impact on those around us. In times like this, it’s important to show solidarity. Coronavirus has completely transformed our lives. We’ve already agreed to change our daily habits. Let’s change them a little bit more because they can be life-changing for someone else.