Are You Prepared for the Internet of Things? | WISP Internet Services

The era of technology we live in offers numerous advantages and life hacks that can facilitate our everyday life. The much-discussed Internet of Things (IoT) and various types of devices that comprise it are considered to be one of the latest trends. More and more internet-ready devices appear on the market providing great features, but the real question is:
is your home internet prepared for the Internet of things?


What is the Internet of Things?

Simply put, the IoT refers to all those physical devices which are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data. The IoT world is already big, but it gets bigger and bigger every day. In addition to smartphones & TV’s, today we have smart doorbells, refrigerators, washing machines, WiFi controlled thermostats, speakers, and the list just goes on.


An IoT device could be as simple as a child’s toy or as serious as a driverless truck. So, if we define the IoT as a system of interrelated devices that send and receive data among themselves, we can see why having a reliable internet connection is a must.


Incredible Home-Management Tools

While Smart TVs have already changed the way we experience television (Netflix is probably the greatest example of them all), devices such as Google Home and/or Amazon Alexa are trying to revolutionize the way we tackle everyday activities. Activated by your voice, these great platforms can:

  • Control lights
  • Search the Internet for you
  • Perform calculations
  • Work as timers
  • Make phone calls and grocery lists
  • Go through the news
  • Use different languages

Even some dull tasks such as vacuuming and floor cleaning can be performed by compact robotic vacuums that operate thanks to your WiFi connection. WiFi-connected smart doorbells and video surveillance systems that protect your house allow you to stream directly to your mobile phone. Also, WiFi-connected thermostats help you adjust the temperature and control the use of energy even when you are not at home. That’s how you can reduce your bills and be comfortable when you get home after a few hours or even days of absence.

How Do You Get the Most Out of Your Connected Devices?

Today’s homes require a flexible networking solution that will deliver WiFi throughout your home to all the devices. That’s why consumers are increasingly looking for better performance – faster speeds, more coverage, and more reliable connections. The internet router is probably the unsung hero when it comes to having the best WiFi experience at home. People don’t consider the router as the main enabler to the internet and the role it plays in speed, security, and reliable connection – and many don’t even know what router they have.

Therefore, it is imperative that you have a stable and fast internet connection and a properly positioned router if you want your devices to work seamlessly.

Smart devices are ready to facilitate your life and provide you with new forms of entertainment. However, is your home network ready for them? At WISP Internet Services, we offer networking solutions for a reliable WiFi that will work anywhere in your home, as well as the high-speed connections you need to power all your devices. All the internet you need at affordable prices, with no contracts and no bandwidth limits. Contact us at 1-877-955-9477 or click here to learn more about the type of services we offer.