New WISP tower online at Lake Couchiching - Wisp Internet Services

Wisp, the provider of high-speed internet services to the rural Ontario region, are pleased to announce that a brand new internet tower has joined the network at Lake Couchiching in Central Ontario.

Wisp has a network of several hundred towers spread throughout the region, and am ambitious plan to continue the expansion of its network as it strives to deliver big-city internet speeds to its expanding rural customer base. The commissioning of the new Lake Couchiching tower provides residents in this area with greater choice and flexibility when it comes to choosing an internet provider, and for many, enables them to enjoy online services such as Netflix, Spotify and online gaming platforms in their homes for the first time.

Speaking at Wisp’s Port Perry offices, founder Chris Evelyn said “When we started WISP seven years ago, we had a vision of bringing a true high-speed internet solution out into the rural markets, always pushing the boundaries of what the internet is capable of. WISP was then and is now a heavily family oriented business, and our clients have always been like a family to us. With another new tower now online, we look forward to welcoming residents in the Lake Couchiching area to the WISP family.”



WISP offers its customers a range of speeds up to 18 MBPS download to suit all needs and budgets, and all plans feature no lock-in contracts, giving customers peace of mind. As is the case with any wireless internet service, exact conditions of service can often depend on individual factors such as the topography of the individual property, which is why WISP offers a free, no obligation site assessment.

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