Essential Tech Tools for Working from Home During COVID-19 - Wisp Internet Services

Coronavirus is changing life as we know it. Hopefully, pretty soon, we’ll be able to get back to normal. However, before we do, we need to continue with our daily work as usual. 

If you have implemented a full-time remote work protocol in order to avoid physical gatherings with your employees or clients, you should consider some of the tech tools we’ll talk about in our article. Their main purpose is to help your team stay connected while you are all safe in the comfort of your home. 

Without further ado, let’s see how the right tech tools can help you keep operations running smoothly while everyone on the team is engaged and remains focused on its work. 

Coronavirus Took Us by Surprise


The majority of companies all across the world, including some of the most significant widely known tech companies, such as Google, Facebook or Amazon are protecting their employees from the virus outbreak with work-from-home policy. 

Even though the work-from-home concept has been around for quite some time and it’s pretty common in various industries, not everyone was prepared for this dramatic change. Therefore, it’s crucial to have the suitable tools to help you manage your business through the COVID-19 crisis. Maybe you are already using some of these tools, but it is also important to emphasize why you need them now. 

Communication Channels


A constant and honest communication is the key to success. Especially, during these times you need to stay connected to each other during the work day. Different chat software such as Slack or Microsoft Teams were created to maintain seamless communication between coworkers. 


These communication channels are a great way to discuss work or brainstorm ideas. For example, Slack allows you to create public channels where you can add more people or you can contact each member individually. 

Even though most of the companies use similar software for daily communication, now it is indispensable more than ever, since it basically represents the main means of communication. 


Video Conferences

While working from home, it is important to maintain social interaction. We don’t have to mention all the benefits of face-to-face meetings. What’s more, video calls are a good reason to get out of your PJs and see some other faces except those you see every day. 


There are different video conferencing software. The most popular choices include Zoom and Google Hangouts. With them you can easily share your screen, record the meeting or communicate with others via a live chat feature. 


Project Management Tools

While working remotely, you need to ensure that there are no issues in your regular workflows. That’s why you need an efficient project management tool, such as Trello,, Basecamp or Asana. You probably have heard of them, or you are already using them. However, in case you don’t, now it’s time to implement them in your business. 


All of these tools are very easy to set up. Most importantly, you’ll see how easy it is to break all the tasks for your teammates and keep track of their progress just with a few clicks. 


Cloud-based Storage Systems


Today’s industries and all types of businesses are usually based on a huge amount of different types of files. Outside of the offices, your employees aren’t able to access the company’s internal servers. However, cloud-based storage systems are created to provide solutions for such problems. 


Simply upload all your files, documents, presentations, images, audio and video files to the cloud. All your employees can easily access the files, use them or change them if needed. One of the biggest advantages of the cloud systems is that you can access your files anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have your laptop or mobile device and internet connection. 


All the tools mentioned above allow you to keep in touch with your colleagues and keep an eye on their regular tasks during these challenging times. If you’ve already used these tools, you are aware of their benefits. If you are not familiar with them, keep in mind that they are very easy to use, and you’ll probably want to continue using them once you return to the office.